ETIAS was proposed in April 2016 and was later approved in the same year in November by European Commission. European Travel Information and Authorization System are just like other visa waiver systems like the US or Australia that grant permission to the travelers. It is said that the ETIAS will be fully implemented till the last quarter of 2022.

On the 5th of July in the year 2018, the European Parliament gave the consent to agree to the ETIAS system finally. Eu-LISA is responsible for the fabrication, authorization, and development of the system that will allow the travelers to enter by checking their details and do the background check with the information and database available on all the various systems like VIS, Erodac, and Interpol. The system will also do a background information check on Schengen info system, Interpol, and Europol.

European Union will get eth privilege through ETIAS to check for the eligibility of the applicant who is coming from ETIAS or any other waiver country. The applicant will provide the required information to the ETIAS system, and the authorities will cross check the information from the various databases, and they will decide whether the applicant is allowed to enter or not. The concerns here are to check for the security threat, health risk, or migration problems associated with the applicant.


The application process for the ETIAS application form is very simple. You can obtain the online form and provide the required information. The whole process will require only 10 to 15 minutes to grant entry authorization to the applicants in most cases.

When you want to complete the online application form, the most important and at that time the only documentation required is to produce the biometric passport. You will need to provide the debit or credit card information for paying the fee for the ETIAS visa. An email address will also require to send you the authorization. If you have an electronic passport, this will make things easy for you as there are no skimming or unauthorized reading chances. But if you don't have an electronic passport, a valid passport is all you need to complete the online application.

When you consider the other online Visa application systems as there are in Australia, Canada, and the US t is evident that more than 95% of the applicants will get their visa waiver within minutes of applying for the online ETIAS visa waiver. They will not need to provide other biometric data form or fingerprints at all.

Once you have completed the ETIAS process and are successful in obtaining the authorization document for authorizing the travel in the EU, it will remain valid for three consecutive years.

Thirty million people enter the EU from 60 visa waiver states. The ETIAS will cover all the people coming from those regions, and the list will also accommodate the citizens coming from Georgia and Ukraine who are also candidates for visa free status.

When UK leaves the EU, it will decide whether Britons will be needed to pay for the application form or not. When UK citizens get the visa waiver status, it will also make the Britons apply for ETIAS if they want to visit any of the 26 countries listed in the Schengen state's group. Dimitris Avramopoulos, who is the current Home Affairs Commissioner, stated that all the countries would be treated alike, and no region will be singled out from ETIAS.

When someone applies to the ETIAS online system, they will have to provide their personal information and detail. All the data will be cross-examined and checked through various international police databases like Interpol, Europol the Schengen information system, which authorities use for border entry and control will also be part of the cross-reference database to ensure the safe and risk-free entry of the applicant. The holder will get the permit valid for three years, one year more than the US online system.

The process for applying ETIAS application is extremely simple. All you have to fill the online form and provide a valid travel document. The whole process will only take ten minutes to complete, and after the cross verification, you will be rewarded with eth authorization for travel that will stay valid for three years. And you can use it to come and go out of the country as many times you want within the validity time period.

As with the other online visa systems, you also have to provide all the personal information on the system for the authorities to cross check the given data in the data base and decide whether you are safe to enter the country or not. When you are a citizen of a visa waiver country, you have to provide the following information and personal detail to achieve the ETIAS authorization:

  • Full name
  • Passport
  • Nationality detail
  • Current address
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Parents’ information

There are some other questions that you will also have to answer at the tie of the online application:

  • Security information
  • Human trafficking
  • Past European travel information
  • Information regarding travel to some conflict areas
  • Employment history
  • Drug use
  • Terrorism
  • Criminal history

If the applicant intentionally or un-intentionally provides misleading information or information that is not correct according to the database, it will make the authorities deny the entry of the applicant to the Schengen area.

The applicant will be asked to provide additional documents for further process if the application is denied for the first time. But the documents must be provided in the 96 hours' time for further process. The member state will make the decision regarding the application within four weeks. If the applicant is refused, he could avail the right to appeal.


America, Australia, and Canada have created electronic travel information systems to reduce the security risk and appreciate the entry of risk-free people to their countries. The European Commission is also taking such initiative to secure the border and make the entry process filter out and stop all the individuals who can pose any security threat or risk for the member countries and citizens in Europe.

If you are a citizen of a visa-exempt country, you need to complete the ETIAS application form if you want to enter the Schengen area. You will be asked to provide all the personal detail; a valid passport must have an internet connection and financial resources to justify your stay in the area.

To obtain a waiver form ETIAS you must have to provide all the personal information with care. The health risks, criminal record, and health information are necessary to grant you access to the area. You must provide the information about the first state which you will enter after the visa waiver from ETIAS.

Beware of the fact that all the security questions must be answered, and they will be checked through the data bases. If there is some false or misleading information, it will turn your application procedure form online to manual and individual cross checking.


When you want to obtain the application form for the ETIAS for Europe, you have to pay for the cross that will be carried on the ETIAS visa waiver. If you fail to pay the fee, your application will not be considered and processed.

When you have prided the detail on the online application form and answered all the security questions, you must provide t fee from the debit or credit card. When the fee is submitted, the ETIAS system will cross-check all the information on the databases, and after the green signal from the security providers, you will be sent an email regarding the status of the application.


The current payment method for the online ETIAS application form is decided to pay the fee in Euros from the debit or credit card once all the information is provided on the form along with the valid passport. There are some other methods that are also in considerations, but the final methods will be disclosed later.

The EU Commission is open to select all the innovative and currently in vogue systems of accommodating the citizens from all the member states with various financial systems to receive the fee for the ETIAS online application form.

When after answering all the questions, the applicant pays the fee, the application will automatically be submitted. And the reviewing process will get started right away.

If the payment is not made or there is some issue regarding their debit or credit card, it will put the application on hold until you pay the desired fee.

Following is eh list of all the consideration which you must look for in case of denied payment n your behalf:

  • Do you have an internet connection to complete the process of the transaction?
  • Do you have sufficient funds?
  • Is your card showing the active status currently?
  • Are you allowed to pay the funds outside your native country from the bank?
  • Is the payment unusual according to your payment plan and pattern?
  • Is there a set limit that you need to change?