The European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS) is a new legal obligation for all the travellers coming to the EU in the last quarter of 2022.

The visa waiver ETIAS is mandatory for all the foreigners and eligible countries for ETIAS to get the authorisation from this new system when they want to enter the 26 states of the Schengen area.

The European visa policy has changed for all the Non-European nationals who want to travel to the Schengen area. They will have to get the authorisation from the system levied in the last quarter of 2022.


There are mostly three types of citizens who intended to travel to Europe depending on their nationality and country, providing them with travel documents. 

EU nationals:

Non-EU nationals


There are 60 countries who are the non-EU third countries with the status and liberty of entering the Schengen area with only a valid and current passport to come and stay for short terms in the EU states. 

The liberalization policy of the passport and via has made the situations and countries compromised, and law enforcement agencies with the help of authorities have felt a need of a new authorisation system that will award the visa waiver to the nationals of these 60 countries to come to any of the Schengen states and stay for maximum 90 days.

Some of the ETIAS eligible countries:

  • The USA
  • The UAE
  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Japan
  • New Zealand

The nationals of these countries, along with other 50, will get the benefits of short term stay thorough visa waiver valid for three years on the same passport.


Brexit will discard the membership of the UK from the European Union. And it will lead towards the requirement of the visa waiver for all the citizens to obtain the short term authorisation for their stay under 90 days in all the Schengen states through ETIAS.


There are only 60 countries which are eligible to apply for the visa waiver from ETIAS. This authorisation system allows the access to the nationals of only these countries to fill the application form and within minutes or the same day get the visa waiver which will be valid for three years and will allow the stay of 90 days in the six months period. 

But the citizens from the other countries need to apply for the Schengen visa if they want to enter the Schengen states to get medication or visit tourist destinations. The requirements for the Schengen visa are different from the ETIAS. And the applicant must read all the required documentation and procedures fully to complete the process. 


The people from the eligible 60 must ask the question whether they should get the ETIAS permit for their children or not in case if they want to enter the Schengen area with their children.  The authorities and policymakers have made it clear that all the nationals must apply on behalf of their children n for ETIAS to get the visa waiver. The minor under 18 years of age must get the ETIAS authorisation from the system for their children to get the visa waiver to enter any of the Schengen states. 


Travellers from the eligible list of the 60 countries are obliged to obtain the authorisation from this new system. The ETIAS is simple to apply and obtain the authorisation on the same day, and in most of the cases within minutes of paying the application fee for the processing. The ETIAS visa waiver is the authorisation for the travellers to enter the Schengen states from the border and go to the tourist spots and have medical treatment.

ETIAS allows the holder to have a stay any of the concerned states for 90 days. These 90 days must remain in a consecutive period of 180 days. The longer stay more than 90 dyes will require the Schengen visa, which has different and difficult requirements. And the holder must have to provide all the relevant documents and proves to get the Schengen visa for a stay longer than 90 days. 


ETIAS registration is extremely easy and simple. You can apply for this authorisation in 2022 from your home, office or anywhere you want. You need a secure internet connection and to enter the portal that will provide you with the online application form. The process for authorisation is completely electronic. 

When you are filling the application form, you need to provide personal information like name, address, and passport detail. There will be security and health-related question which you must provide with accuracy. Any discrepancy or wrong information will lead towards the delay in the authorisation, and in most cases, the application will be rejected, and the applicant will have to appeal to the authorities. 


When the applicant provides all the detail related personal and security questions on the online application form, this information is stored and cross-checked with various international and local databases of law enforcement agencies. SIS ll, Europol and other databases are used to screen the data provided by the applicant. If there is any flag, the application will be denied right away. And if there is no threat associated with the individual and passport, the authorisation will be given within minutes. 

The waiver is attached to the passport electronically, and it is advised that the traveller carries the printed copy of the authorization while travelling. 


The ETIAS authorisation is electronically attached to the passport of the traveller. The authorisation is required for the citizens of the eligible countries. The authorisation is necessary and will be a legal requirement for travellers from the eligible countries to obtain before entering the Schengen zone. His authorization is mandatory, and once the travellers get the visa waiver, the ETIAS will be used to enter any of the Schengen borders without any hassle. People can also use ETIAS for transit to the other Schengen state or some third country. 

This visa waiver is valid for three years and can be used for as many trips as required by the situation of the traveller. It also allows travellers to stay for 90 days in the concerned Schengen state.